Holland Landing Dental cares for more than just cavities, which is why we offer oral cancer screening services. Early detection is the best defence against oral cancer, which is why we make it a part of our routine examinations.

Smoking increases your risk for oral cancer, particularly when combined with heavy alcohol consumption. This combination has been estimated to be the most probable trigger in around 75% of oral cancer cases diagnosed in Canada, and the disease has a higher death rate than Hodgkin’s lymphoma and cervical cancer.

Oral cancer is often overlooked by physicians and dentists alike, but at Holland Landing Dental, we take our commitment to your wellbeing seriously. If you smoke and drink more than 30 drinks per week, please schedule regular oral cancer screenings.

However, oral cavity and oropharyngeal cancer is not confined to alcohol and tobacco users, and because it is on the rise, we recommend oral cancer screening to all our adult patients once a year. 25% of oral cancers are diagnosed in people with no risk factors.

What to Expect From Oral Cancer Screenings

During your dental exam, we will look for recurring painful areas and white or red patches on your oral tissues and neck. Early detected, abnormal tissue can be tested and a treatment plan implemented before symptoms appear. In many cases, symptoms only appear once the cancer has already started to spread.

Oral cancer screening can assist in early detection, which will greatly enhance your chances of successful treatment and survival.

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