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TMJ DisorderWhat is TMJ disorder? TMJ disorders stem from the joint which connects your skull to your mandibular joint (lower jaw) and allows you to open and close your mouth when you speak and eat. The condition is incredibly common, but treatment depends on the cause.

What causes TMJ disorder?


Temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder can be caused by behavioural habits (clenching and grinding), structural disorders, joint erosion, prolonged stress, orthodontic braces, poor diet, lack of sleep, whiplash or other traumatic injuries to the neck, jaw, or head, and even arthritis.


TMJ disorder results in a range of symptoms, including:


  • Worn, sensitive, loose or broken teeth
  • Jaw clicking, grinding, popping, locking or catching when you open or close your mouth
  • Waking up with stiff, sore muscles in the jaw
  • Headaches and neck aches


TMJ Disorder Treatment at Holland Landing Dental


At Holland Landing Dental, we provide a number of professional treatments for TMJ disorders, based on the patient’s specific requirements, and advise on home care options to relieve pain and improve the functioning of your jaw bone.


We will perform imaging tests to help diagnose and understand the severity of your temporomandibular jaw disorder. This will guide us toward the appropriate treatment.


Initially, we will work on relieving the muscle spasms that increase joint pain by utilizing muscle relaxants, anti-inflammatory treatments, steroids, and pain relief medications.


Home care for TMJ disorder includes working on maintaining good posture, exercising your jaw, resting your jaw, and keeping your teeth apart as much as possible, especially at night while you are asleep. Eating soft foods and applying heat and ice can all help improve your bite.


As such, orthodontic treatments include:


  • Appliance treatment (splints or night guards)
  • Bite correction treatment


Sometimes, we may recommend physical therapy or biofeedback. Surgery (arthroscopy or open joint repair restructuring) is considered as a last resort in severe cases.


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Image by Sammy-Williams from Pixabay