Digital X-rays

digital x-raysDigital dental radiography is the future of dental imaging. It provides enhanced computer images of oral structures, gums, teeth and certain conditions. Digital radiography uses digital sensors, which replace traditional photographic x-ray film in detecting, diagnosing, treating and monitoring oral diseases and conditions.

With digital x-rays, images are required in one of 3 ways:

  • Directly – This method uses electronic sensors placed in the mouth.
  • Indirectly – This method requires an x-ray film scanner to allow the dentist to view the images.
  • Semi-directly – This method combines the scanner and sensor to convert dental x-rays into digital film.

In addition to the methods above, dental radiographs can be taken from inside (intraoral) or outside (extraoral) the patient’s mount. Because intraoral x-rays provide such great detail and can be used to detect cavities and the status of developing teeth and the health of the jaw bones.

There are two types of intraoral x-rays, namely bitewing x rays, namely bitewing and preriapecial and periapical or limited x-rays. Periapical x-rays display the entire tooth along with the root tips and the supporting bone in the upper or lower jaw.

Extraoral x-rays are available in a variety of options, namely panoramic, multi-slice computed tomography, sialography, cephalometric projections and cone beam computerized tomography.

Benefits of Digital X-Rays

One of the main benefits of digital x-rays is the fact that it can reveal tiny areas of hidden decay between the teeth or below fillings, cysts, abscesses, periodontal disease, and bone infections.These issues are often undetectable by visual examination only. With digital x-rays, conditions can be detected and treated early on to prevent long-term issues.

The digital radiographs can be viewed on the computer screen immediately, saving the patient money, time and discomfort.

Micro-storage technology enables dentists to store and transfer data across space-saving drives.

Since digital radiographs eliminate the issues of chemical processing and disposal of lead foil and other hazardous wastes, it presents an eco-friendly option.

At Holland Landing Dental, we keep our research training at the highest level. That means that we have a technologically advanced dental health facility. We also believe in the benefits of modern technology and techniques to provide  ac clear, accurate look into the condition of the patient’s teeth , gums while minimizing emergency treatment. Accurate diagnoses tend to better accept treatment.

In most cases, a dental insurance plan that offers cover for the costs of digital x rays is all you need to pay for the service. If extra costs are involved, Holland Landing Dental will speak to your insurance provider to determine what your outstanding costs will be.

Digital X Rays: The Holland Landing Dental Promise

We’re committed to providing you with state of the heart digital x-rays and dental services. We can help restore your gorgeous, radiant smile in no time. Speak to us today about how we can use digital x-ray technology to identify hidden issues before they cause any trouble.